Greenshield Insulation Materials

Grenshield is a very special insulation material, having a main substance consists of granules filled with pores, made up of recycled glass which is the one of the most healthy and endurable materials, with high technology and having been produced by using nearly 20 natural substances defined after long researches. As the material is able to protect the human health, environment and the building while providing the thermal, water, fire and sound insulation at the same time, this makes it the best solution ever in insulation field.

Thermal Insulation

Provides high level of thermal insulation for both warm and cold weather conditions.

Fire Resistance

A1 Class Non-flammability

Water Insulation

No water absorption due to its hydrophobic structure

Sound Insulation

Provides high level of sound insulation due to its porous structure.

GreenShield’s benefits?

Greenshield is about to be an essential insulation material for the buildings thanks to its lightness, fire resistance and many similar features as such.

Thanks to its vapour diffusivity, it lets the walls it is applied to breathe and prevents mould and condensation on wall surfaces.

As it is one fifth weight of regular cement based mortars, it reduces the building load and contributes to earth quake behaviour of the building.

It is very durable against impacts having a high compressive strength.

Preperation is very easy. Also it can be applied with less effort with its light weight and high adhesive strength, both manually and using machine.

It has all natural ingredients and does not emit any hazardous gas. So it does not have any negative effect for human health.

As the main raw material is obtained by recycled materials, consumption of natural sources is at minimum and does not cause any chemical waste at any stage.

Effective life is equivalent to the life of the building. And it protects the full performance during all life.

It envelopes the building completely, also being able to be applied on any kind of surface, round shape or corners, easily, thanks to its plaster form, and provides a solid insulation for the building preventing thermal bridges.

It provides savings of time and workmanship because it doesn’t need any extra application like rendering, primer, lining etc. before of after applications.


Greenshield Ecological Insulated Lightweight Screed

Insulated Lightweight Screed for indoor floors



Greenshield Ecological Insulation Plaster

Premixed Insulation Plaster for exterior and interior of the walls