Glasberg Baustoffe GmbH

Who we are, What we do

Glasberg, has been founded, having a 40 years of experience in construction industry, with the aim to develop green solutions and to reduce the energy loss caused by buildings to minimum, following an innovative approach, and eliminating the disadvantages of conventional insulation systems. We believe that it is not required to sacrifice the other aspects of the system while we are benefiting from one point. Depending on this belief, we performed in order to fulfill all requirements as a whole and to solve all problems, thus we will continue to do so. And this is only possible through an unusual hard working based on the innovation. Indeed, research and development activities take the most important part in our works. Our main aim is to protect the future while enhancing today. So the Greenshield insulation products, launched as a result of such long-term and intensive works, both protect the human health and fulfill the all insulation demands.

Our Values

  • Innovation Continuous research and development in order to find the best solutions
  • Human Health Creating healthy living spaces and having products only with no harm to human health
  • Green solutions Working in order to leave a better world to the future generations
  • Provide Earnings Having our products derived substantial amount of profits to their users.

R&D (Researh and Develeopment)

Our Technology

Glasberg’s Research and Development activities mainly aim to develop the products and solutions enabling us to leave a more livable world as well as increasing the existing quality of life. In order to achieve such hard but essential target, the intensive research and development activities carried out in collaboration with the world’s leading laboratories are forming the basis of Glasberg.

The initial results of such long term efforts, as precisely fulfilling our target, is the Greenshield insulation materials, providing high level of energy savings while increasing the quality of the life in our surroundings by not having any harmful effects on human health or nature, having a long lasting structure and protecting the environment by being produced via using the minimum level of natural sources.



Grenshield is a very special insulation material, having a main substance consists of granules filled with pores, made up of recycled glass which is the one of the most healthy and endurable materials, with high technology and having been produced by using nearly 20 natural substances defined after long researches. As the recycled materials are being used during the production, it is possible to produce the Greenshield products by using the least natural sources. In addition to this, the products got distinctive characteristics by using only the natural materials with very precise values.


Greeenshield’s Benefits

It has no harm to human health an nature. It prevents damp & moisture occurrence and mold & fungus growth due to its breathing structure. It provides all conditions for a healthy life. It protects the buildings which it is applied to.

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • 5-time lighter than concrete
  • Easy to apply
  • Sound Insulation
  • Impact Resistance
  • Humidity and Mold Prevention